Order has to be otherwise it is called chaos …

It is quite remarkable what happened in our country Slovakia . We are after elections 2016 which proved that there is badly needed change .Change in leading ,in approach to search best options HOW TO MOVE FORWARDS  …for all society not for one political party

This true Slovaks really understood and question was only which side of story will prevail and which parties can form new government. I think that what happened in Slovakia after elections it can be named  : ” Raped Order ” . Why ??? You can see it on government set up clearly . There was great rape done on voters ,they voted for something else and reality is completely different . Should it be called stolen elections???

NO !!!  elections were correct ,only leaders of political parties after elections changed completely their vocabulary …They were reprogrammed , on billboards , on meetings with voters saying something why WE voted for them !!! and after elections were doing quite opposite … It is very nasty thing ,even though politic is not very nice and pure but this what happened in ” so called right- wing politic leaders heads ” is precedent .

Why they did it ??? Because they were highly probably misled by Leading Party officials that it is vital ,necessary to form government ,to have mutual “consensus”  and to be responsible towards EU upcoming presidency starting 1.07.2016 – but they completely within 3 days after elections forgot what is to be responsible towards their voters- FIRST OF ALL !!!! They created RAPED ORDER …something what is not possible to govern with clear conscience and piece in mind …and absolutely professionally . This is creating great pressure inside society and inside members of government as well . It seems to me that we have first victim of this stage of things …

It starts from that person who organized it all …and unfortunately for him + his family it can be disastrous …Because the pressure of being responsible is one thing but pressure to be vassal to various not known to us gentlemen agreements to various related persons who supported him/his party  in the past , is completely devastating… Organism is very sophisticated system of interconnected organs and if it starts to fail and if it starts from blood circulation and heart, it is END OF STORY .

Hoping that this first signal from somewhere up , will wake up him and he will leave to history ,to his pension after 8 years and enjoy still good health .And what will be next ??? Nothing , everybody is replaceable !!! only question is price … in this case it can be less … and Next  ??????????????

I hope that within 1 YEAR from 5.03.2016 we will have new extra ordinary elections where there will be NO CHANCE for second time to create this RAPED STOLEN TIME …!!!

SEE YOU IN        05.03.2017                 –       NEW ELECTIONS IN SLOVAKIA  !!!! 



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