Finnish or finish? Or finito la comedia ?


Yes, this is a good question. If we see what is happening in Europe nowadays it is a good shake off of everything… migrants crisis, problems with Euro, “Brexit”, sanctions to Russia from the side of EU.

But one thing that all this has in common, is a clear inability to predict problems and have  mechanisms prepared to be used if the shi..t spreads to the ventilator. On the other hand we have popular EU summits -official or unofficial- where all leaders are making photos and posing for the press, pretending that they are saving Europe. Then some unofficial facts come out and it is more than clear that what was presented as a success is just another show made with no results.

The European project and idea is great, but as IT is advancing with mile steps managing the EU  and EU institutions should be done differently. This is a major reason why EU is considered as a deteriorating project – or you might call it a train which is slowing its speed to final destination – to which by this way it will never arrive.

We have 28 states which are members of European Union, we are different in culture and we are speaking different languages, we have different levels of economic development, we have different priorities as regions, and then we have one thing in common and this is that we are all in Europe as in one house. Look at it from the perspective of common people for the benefit of whom politicians are declaring that mainly EU institutions serve. As we are in one house, one flat, can we understand each other simply as people? The answer is NO, and why, simply because we are speaking different languages. And the question is WHY WE ARE SPEAKING DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ALREADY MERELY 40 YEARS INTO THE EXISTENCE OF OUR EU HOUSE?  Because of not having simply one official accepted language for all citizens of EU to understand each other. WHO is responsible for that? WHO is not having  at all a problem with this essential issue? It is the System which is represented by EU parliament and which is responsible for this not-unity. SO, EU PARLIAMENT has hundreds of translators  to be able to understand if somebody speaks any of the official 28 mother languages, but WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF the EU PARLIAMENT ?  Correct – nobody cares !!! You should learn foreign languages, it is your problem … no it is NOT. If I decide to work  and live in Finland I am lost, I do not speak the official language in Finland – Finnish, so finito la comedia :))

There should immediately be accepted a new law  by EU parliament that the official language of EU Citizens is the mostly spoken language ENGLISH, and it will be used as second official language in each country after the mother tongue. This should be learned in every school in every country which is part of EU House, just for the simple reason so that we citizens of Europe can freely and officially communicate with each other !!!!

But ups, “Brexit” is calling, so no need to make it ENGLISH 🙂 As well there is no need to ask perhaps United Kingdom, please don’t leave us,  we will adopt your language as official language of EU,  WE WILL BETTER UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS !!!

Then it will be “perhaps” easier to reconstruct a corroded, robust system of European Institutions to make them slim, sexy, functional and understandable for ALL citizens of EU. Not only partly for members of EU parliament with bunch of translators  who are benefiting and lobbing each other narrow country’s interests …. and OUR interests – the EU citizens –  are not counted. Please do something for US “normal” citizens so that we can UNDERSTAND each other much better, including on legal base. Thanks !


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