Today I passed the second of four days which I devoted to fasting. The period of fasting is very challenging because your body is changing … as your mind, your thoughts as well.

I am always looking for new ideas which come to me during this period …

I had some thoughts about today’s world and I decided to put them together and write them down… maybe somebody will read them …maybe somebody will take some good from them – that’s the idea…

I remember very well my student colleague Petro Poroshenko from the same term University studies in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev founded by Nicholas I of Russia on July 15, 1834.

I remember him very good as quiet, intelligent and a student who was not appearing quite often in classes … probably he had specific student regime granted only to Ukrainian students.

There were only two which I remember: him and Rita Zablotska. Unfortunately Rita was having probably different regime and she was appearing in classes regularly … In that time (1984-1989), all studies were in Russian language and Ukraine was part of Soviet Union.

Within 2005-2013 I was quite often going to Kiev which to me is like the second dearest place after Bratislava due to the nice period of my university studies. Meeting my close friends – Sergei Teriochin (he even became Minister of Economy), Dima Sapunov, Sasha Sultan, Slava  Yakymuk and others … It was an interesting period when Ukraine was finding how to move forward.

I generally like Russian language which is very rich in specific words and describes the meaning of things sometimes in a very funny way … So we laughed a lot together being in sauna, playing squash and drinking beer … with salty dried fish …

Given the fact that I knew Ukraine already and had no clue about Russia, I accepted the challenge to represent Slovak Republic namely Ministry of Finance in International Investment Bank situated in Moscow. During my almost 2 years of presence in Moscow I discovered the same spirit of Russian language and I came to conclusion that generally with Russian speaking people it is sometimes very funny and pleasant to spent time …

But with one thing I am very unhappy and it is the worsening relation between Russia and Ukraine. We Slovaks had as well some time spent with our “brothers” Czechs in one state and after saying peacefully BYE – BYE.We are nowadays having much better relations as before … and as history repeats itself I would not find it as Utopia that we can perfectly function in one confederation state with Czechoslovak Crone in the future in a disintegrating Europe if needed …

But for this or that good system to function you always need to have smart leaders, who are humble and serving to the people of their nation and understanding their long term perspective – far beyond one legislative term of government or president … Look at humble Swiss politicians serving for one of the richest and most peaceful place in the world; speaking 4 languages, having one currency, producing watches … very good example. That is why I never will understand why Petro Poroshenko who has HIS HISTORIC CHANCE to improve the lives of his people did not accept Russian as second state language in all territory of Ukraine, and allowed such deterioration of relations with major economic neighboring partner Russia. Probably he did not attend all lectures during his studies … It is obvious that your neighbor will never vaporize, your neighbor will always be there.  It is only an angle of view … if you can call Palestine people a neighbor to Israel and vice versa, I myself surely yes, but please ask each of them and they will name / label each other with different names … and the word neighbor will be maybe one of last ones mentioned.

And this process has its start as every process some time ago; unfortunately I clearly see a similarity between the process of creation of enemy/ies among Russians and Ukrainians as in process in Israel .

There is saying which mentions that each of us is the builder of each one’s happiness … and vice versa.

Such big nations as Russian and Ukraine should treat each other definitely differently and in the first place the leaders of these countries should think in name of future prosperity and peace (which is what we are normally wishing when a New Year is coming).

Me personally I would like to see in future years a comeback of these warm relations cleared of each other pretenses, because normal people can live together and it is utmost duty of leaders to lead countries to mutual understanding and cooperation.

This was many times said during wise lectures of well-known professor Mr.Docenko in Kiev University: if leaders are leading countries to non-understanding and non-acceptance of each other from living as they lived before; if leaders are leading to disintegration with neighbors in name of having better relations with other neighbors situated more to the West or East; it is a crime if good relations in general are sacrificed for one side orientation. There must be balance in everything.  Even physics confirm that misbalance will lead to balance; it will come … but in politics it is good to ask: “at what price??? And who will pay for it???”

Nobody is an island, nobody is only for himself. Everybody is piece of continent, piece of land which has neighbors.

We are all interconnected; it only depends how and via which systems. In this context, and speaking about a system how to improve our interconnection, the solution is not to dismantle Brotherhood – gas pipeline system (functioning from 1967) but to modernize it and in this way to bring the relations between Ukraine and Russia again together.  Yes it is “CHUDO “to speak this language while there is Nord Stream 2, 3,4,5,6 being proposed … but it is as well to me “CHUDO “THAT TWO COUNTRIES LIKE RUSSIA AND UKRAINE ARE IN SUCH RELATIONS AS THEY ARE.

We as Slovakia can be a mediator but not a solver of this issue; but we have to try our utmost to regulate these bad relations as quick as possible.

Why not to think together how to link Eustream with Ukrtransgas and Russian gas in one consortium from which everybody will be profiting? We need a new level of cooperation with a new level of understanding and having the courage to look at things differently. If there were some problems with gas deliveries from Russian gas via Ukraine to Europe, OK let’s try to minimize them. We are Slavs, we are very similar and we have to find in ourselves our history!!! How we were living and how we are living now … these are questions for normal Russians and Ukraine’s people.

15.07.2014,Kiev ,Ukraine


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