Strange day in Moscow 7.02.2015

I would like to try to explain what is on my mind today …It is probably very difficult to explain …more you would like to be good and try to get your happy family it more you cost …your physiological life …Something I do wrong or I am constantly on wrong place or with wrong people ..What I luckily will have in near future is that I will be in business trip in Bratislava and I can rest little bit from this Moscow life …Life in winter Moscow is getting from you really utmost …of your energy … and that is why why all people are very nervous even my family here are getting one… not speaking about your constant fights in work and constant fantastic news from TV … one thing for sure I will stop to watch and this is Russian TV channels what ever they would be left ,right or centrist… even to compare this with English or our Slovak it is not possible …today’s world is getting out of normal things which we are used to live …it is even hard to make some balanced point of view …it is impossible to do so … Basically nowadays politics mainly from the West are absolutely not acting like normal people …on this base there is abnormal reaction from East and generally we have one perfect russian word POLNAJA NERAZBERICHA … it means complete MESS …. HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE GETTING TO END WITH THE END OF THIS RUSSIAN DEPRESSIVE WINTER … and they say that this year is even very mild winter ….



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